Foreign Policy

Venstre wants that Denmark stays a free and independent nation. This can only be ensured by participating in a legally binding international community where the Danes cooperate with other nations in order to create freedom, peace and prospects of better living conditions. It is necessary to have a military defence system to ensure freedom and peace. Denmark shall stay full member of NATO and we shall contribute to the common efforts of having a reliable defence.

It is important to develop open societies, stimulating and inspiring each other. The free encounter of different cultures creates vitality and challenges whereas isolation brings stagnation and decadence. Free communication, trade and movement across the borders between people, information and ideas contribute to the creation of freedom and peace because close links between countries and peoples increase the knowledge and understanding of cultures and national identities. Customs barriers and other trade restrictions should be removed. Free trade and fair competition are the best means providing for higher wealth in countries. Developing countries should be given free access to our markets without customs and other barriers to their goods.

The nations of Europe should head towards a European Union which purpose is to safeguard an open society. The European Union will stay a voluntary union of independent states who have decided to work together on a range of subjects. Enlargement of the EU should implicate a continued liberalisation, deregulation and simplification of EU policy, including the agricultural and fisheries policy. Members of the EU should have a single currency, issued by a common central bank.

The European Union should be developed according to the principle of subsidiarity, based on decision-making being as close to the citizens as possible. National powers should be the rule; the powers of the Union the exception.

Basic liberal principles are decentralisation of responsibilities and decision-making to the lowest, sustainable level. Many issues can be solved in small-scale local communities, others should be solved by nation states, and others by the Union.